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The Strebel Planning Group takes a
"whole person" approach to the business of money.

For far too long, banks and investment brokers have made recommendations based on how much money you have, rather than what you want it to do for you. Individual tolerance to risk would rarely be considered, and the individual would be plugged into a formula that emphasized growth, when what was needed was principal protection. Some accountants have also been guilty of reporting to the government what happened the year prior rather than work with clients to improve their tax situations. Our approach is comprehensive and encourages pro-activity. Although clients are not obligated to use all of our services because they use one, those that do report a heightened level of confidence and convenience, knowing that an interdisciplinary team is working behind the scenes to consider multiple factors before a plan is presented.
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central new york investingThe Strebel Planning Group is different from other area providers in so many ways. Most important of all, we believe, is that we are locally owned and completely independent. This means that we don't answer to a home office, don't have sales quotas that result in our recommending products that are not quite right for you, and have the ability to create client fulfillment processes in response to client's needs, not those of some bureaucrat who has no understanding of our community. We subscribe to a fiduciary standard not required or aspired to by the vast majority of firms out there.
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